Cannot login to multiple cpanels on my reseller account


Dec 12, 2012
cPanel Access Level
Reseller Owner
Recently I have been transitioning from shared hosting to reseller hosting. I have more than one reseller account with different hosting companies.

Yesterday I added a number of new cpanel accounts to a new reseller account I signed up for with a new-to-me hosting company. Here's the problem I encountered:

When I open multiple tabs, go to different sites that are on the reseller account and try to open multiple cpanels, only one is opened. For example, I go to and sign in. No problem. Open another tab (firefox, IE same issue), go to and sign in it takes me to the logged in cpanel of

No matter what I try with this place I can't log in to more than one cpanel account at a time. I opened a support ticket with them and they couldn't replicate it. So they sent me here.

My non-techincal mind thinks when I login it's putting me in one big bucket where all my domains are stored instead of storing them in individual buckets. Being stored in one big bucket means I can only see one in a tab, or even multiple windows, at a time. Does that make sense? Or perhaps the way this hosting company is set up I simply cannot login to more than one cpanel account at a time from my machine. I truly don't know.

Any ideas? Anything I can do to help explain the problem more clearly?