SOLVED Cannot Reset Customer Support Portal Password


Aug 30, 2018
Melbourne, Australia
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Root Administrator
I want to open a support ticket, yet I cannot remember my support portal password, so on cPanel Customer Portal I clicked the link which directs to cPanel Customer Portal and put in my email for my specific licence (different to the email used to create this forum account).

I then received the password reset link to the email address I specified, and clicked the link in the email, created a new password, and tried to log in to the Customer Support Portal with the new password.

It did not accept the new password. After several attempts, I clicked the reset password link again. Now I'm not receiving password reset email at all.

Any ideas?

I've just realised it actually is the same email address used to create this forum account. I tried editing my original post here to state this, yet it appears the thread is currently being moderated, and it won't allow me to edit my original post.
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