Cannot SSH or Connect via WHM to remote server


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Jul 27, 2002
Hello all..

I am trying to migrate a physical server to a VPS. I had configured ssh "public_key" on the physical server so that i am not asked password while doing the rsync. But i messed things up and i had to terminate all the accounts on the VPS as there were some issues and in the mean while i also had run my rsync script.

But now after deleting all my accounts from the VPS when i try to connect again to the physical server it fails :(

I get this error in WHM :-on the VPS

Basic credential check...
The password you provided is not correct.
But the password for the physical server is correct :(

I also made sure i have deleted the ssh keys i had created on the physical server under /root/.ssh/ , in fact i have deleted all the entries under this folder but no luck.

I am not being able to connect to my Physical server from the VPS...Any recommendations as to where all do i need to look further ?

Thank you
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Mar 28, 2009
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You get the error while logging to WHM in VPS or doing any action ? What does a ssh -vvv command give when ssh from vps to physical server ?