Cannot utilize needed hostname on second server


Oct 27, 2006
Hopefully I explain this clearly.

I have 2 web servers, live and development. All domains are managed through an external DNS. I am not using WHM/Cpanel nameservers.

Live server hostname is like:
Dev server hostname is like:

My live server is up and running fine with WHM/Cpanel. I can access everything perfectly through the hostname:2086.

If I go to the devserver hostname I get a page not found, the DNS A record for the subdomain is pointing to the devserver IP. I setup a test on another domain I own: I pointed this A record to the devserver and I can access WHM fine through this test url but cannot get into cpanel for specific accounts. I assume this is because the test url is NOT the hostname.

I need the host name to be but I am thinking there is some sort of conflict with the DNS?

Here is a breakdown of what the DNS for looks like and please tell me if any of you see possible conflicts.

live server IP: 123.456.789.01
dev server IP; 123.456.789.02 - 123.456.789.01
@ (None) - 123.456.789.01
* (All Others) - 123.456.789.01 - 123.456.789.01 - 123.456.789.02


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Oct 4, 2006
1. Have you tried removing the A records for your hostname and then adding it back again?
2. have you checked that the NS entries for your hostname's main domain is pointed correctly at the Registrar?


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Dec 14, 2005
Planet Earth
Please make sure that there is no separate entry for in named.conf and seperate DNS zone file for You only need the DNS A entry for devserver in the DNS zone file of