Can't access user/admin interface. Is it eth0? Bad install?


Apr 1, 2004

I suspect this problem I bring you is very basic (I don't even qualify as a newbie!) - please excuse me if it is so.

I installed CPANEL as it is said on the webpage.
(for a quick (any supported os) install just run the follow commands as root: cd /home;mkdir cpins;cd cpins;wget;sh latest )
It then thoroughly went on for an hour plus doing its thing - after the first hour I left it unattended - and finally ended with
Checking for Socket...ok
Checking for IO::Socket...ok
Checking if your kit is complete...
Looks good

Ah, I see you already have installed libnet before.

Do you want to modify/update your configuration (y|n) ? [no]
I run my eyes across the installation log and didn't see any noticeable error...

However when I try to access the admin interface - https://ipnumber:2087 - (or anyother CP/HWM service) it says the connection was refused...

Dwelling through the docs I noticed that the admin interface would be available on eht0... It so happens that my eth0 is onboard and experiencing problems, so I installed a ethernet PCI card, eth1 which I use for all IP connections.

Could it be that CPANEL is serving the WHM on eth0 disregarding that the IP services are on eth1?

Or am I suffering from a poor installation problem?

Any suggestion on how to correct or troubleshoot what the hell is happening would be greatly appreciated...

PS As you may already figure I am not a sophisticated computer user.:cool: