Cant connect to addon domains email

Aug 17, 2018
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Hello Everyone,

I noticed a problem today with one of my Accounts and i was wondering if it should happen.

I have an account on my cpanel named for example account1, i have put on that account 3 addon domains.
I created emails for all of the accounts and i encountered this problem.
The main domain and the addon domains have access through the webmail (on the server) but when i tried to connect to the addon domains email addresses from an email client on my pc there was a password error, and the main domain's email could log in just fine. I tried it with other accounts on my server and it does the same thing.

(I am root administrator at the server, It's a VPS server, and i tried two email clients on 2 different PC's thunderbird and operamail )


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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @Dionisios S. Mpolanis

Are you using the settings provided in the Mail Client Manual Configuration Settings? This is sent to the email address when it's created but it's also available in cPanel>>Mail>>Email Accounts

I tried testing this today by adding a new addon domain to an existing account then using the mail server configuration for Thunderbird added the settings and my account creation was successful. If you just pointed the domain you may need to wait sometime for propagation.