Can't create/write to file '/tmp/ (Errcode: 30)


Sep 27, 2005
I keep gettign this error.

Can't create/write to file '/tmp/ (Errcode: 30)

I have checked the folder perms and they are set right at 1777.

after a reboot all goes away for a few hours and then comes back, any more ideas on how to fix this. Main systems messed up by this are MYSQL.

While trying to solve this I cleared out loads of cache files (relateing to one of the websites on the server) and now no new files seem to be placed in the folder.

MYSQL sock file is set to normal destination (NOT /Tmp) but there is a empty mysql.sock file in the /tmp folder.

Things I have checked.

Folder perms (root(0)/root(0) 1777) all seem ok
Space only 15mb of 500mb used , so its not out of space

Any mor eideas woudl be great