Jun 30, 2006
I purchased a hosting package from a webspace provider so it's not my server.

in the WHM, when I create a domain using "Add a DNS Zone", it successfully creates the domain, and says "Added ownership of the domain *the domain* to *my username*" , but then this domain doesnt show up in the list in the kill domain page, and when I enter the domain I created, It says "Access Denied you do not seem to own *the domain*".

Furthermore, if I enter *the domain* while creating a new user account, it says "DNS Entry already exists for *the domain*, please delete it from all servers"

Now I can't use *the domain*. How do I delete it manually?


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Mar 3, 2006
Since it says "you do not own" the domain, it means that ROOT (or your provider which may not even be root) owns whatever you are creating. Your provider has to adjust your account and set it so whatever you create, you own....

You have to get your provider to fix that and give you ownership of accounts that you create.