Can't Disable Wordpress Plugin Issue

Batsi Mugenge

Jul 17, 2018
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Hi C-panel users.

I have been using c-panel for a while now but now I'm having a problem. I have expired SSL certificates on one of m websites now I can't access wp-admin or the c-panel. I'm getting privacy error message. I had installed a "force-to-https" plugin (I can't remember the name of the plugin). Now I'm not able to remove the plugin because I can't access the wp-admin or the c-panel. Please help me.


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May 20, 2003
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I had installed a "force-to-https" plugin
Assuming you can login via FTP client or cPanel File Manager, you should be able to get to this directory:

In there, find that plugin directory, assuming it has https in its name, and simply rename it to something else, like dead. That should kill it so you can log back into your Wordpress site.


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Nov 8, 2014
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Some things to try so as to log in to cPanel.
I will assume you are not the server administrator.
I will also assume that the ssl cert for has expired and that you have been previously logging in to cPanel by accessing the url

1). If your know the hostname of your server (which you may not in these circumstances), you could try accessing cPanel login page by using the url
Sometimes you can find the hostname by reading the headers of email sent by the server.
Or you could contact your server administrator and ask for it.

2). You could try accessing cPanel login page by using the ip address with the url
You can find the servers ip address by visiting any page on your website then use the browser's developer tools interface to view the network section section of the developer tools.

If you manage to login to cPanel by any of these methods then you can as Infopro suggested find the plugins directory and delete it or change its name and that will disable the plugin.
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