Can't enable PDO through easy apache (phpinfo display ok).


Dec 2, 2012
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Root Administrator
At the very start would like to say cheers to all of You.
Now lets chat about my problem which drive me crazy. I launched new server build on latest cPanel. I moved first accounts but one of my customer website require PDO. I looked over the forum found a solution. I enabled PDO through easyapache module. I touched test.php on mentioned website and phpinfo() shows:

There is also lines in main php.ini:

...and there is no custom php.ini at the customer's home.

So technically everything seems to be fine, but there is still error at the webpage which says Class PDO not found.
Don't know what's going on. So please would somebody would like to be so kind and help me with this issue? ;)
Thanks a lot and best regards.