Cant FTP to one website only


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Jan 6, 2004
I deleted a website from my server accidently (meant to delete .net suffix and deleted the main site) , fortunately I have a database backup from last week, and the site runs vbulletin so all the website data is basically in the database.

My problem, however, is that when I put the site back on the server and accessed it by ftp it logs me into the root level of the site, when I try to change to the public_html folder it keeps coming up with a restriction error code as follows:

CWD /www
550 Can't change directory to /www: Permission denied

I use WSFTP Pro, and tried using another ftp client (cute ftp), and still it was the same. No matter what, I simply cannot access the public html area of this site to upload it again.

I never done anything to the server, changed any settings, anything. I only deleted the site from the server and then put it back on again, now it wont let me ftp.

Anyone any ideas how I might resolve this ?


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Sep 20, 2003
run this


should put ya back in business :)