can't get this email filter to work


Feb 5, 2013
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Website Owner
cPanel Version 11.34.1 (build 7).
Site host: HostGator
Mail client: Apple Mail 2.1.3
Browser: Safari 4.1.3
Personal Computer: Mac G4 (powerpc) OS X 10.4.11

The filter problem I'm trying to solve involves a large set of rules, but for the purposes of debugging this problem I have created a much simpler filter that exhibits the same problem. This filter (account level) tests if the Body contains the word Rapporteur (see attachment "filter.jpg") and on a match moves the message to a folder. But the specific spam messages I'm trying to trap are not matching the filter rule. This is true even when I paste the raw message text into the Filter Test on the Edit Filters page. However, if I simply paste the word Rapporteur at the end of the generic email sample that appears by default in the Filter Test window, then the rule works. My 2nd attachment "spam_example.txt" is one of the emails that my rule is not matching.