Can't ping - no timeout, no reponse


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Nov 7, 2003
Williamsburg, VA
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When I run the command ping6, I get this result:

2018-06-17 20_22_25-Window.png

Which is to say that the command hangs indefinitely until I CTRL-C it.

I'm running CloudLinux+CageFS.

Any pointers on where to start with this? This is my weakest area, and I have just started trying to get IPv6 working on my server. I have a range assigned from my datacenter (X:X:X:X::/64), and I'm trying to go through Guide to IPv6 - How to Get Started With IPv6 - Version 68 Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Not being able to ping seems like a stopping point. :(

(Before I'd found that, I was getting an error trying to add X:X:X:X:: or X:X:X:X:0:0:0:) in Basic Setup...... Previous to finding all THAT I'd added the range in WHM and assigned IPv6 to each account, and going to (i.e. each domain) was working, although I don't know if I was going via IPv4 or IPv6............)

Any pointers on where to proceed with this would be very appreciated. :)

ALSO, it is DEFINITELY expected that one will get a failure trying to add x:x:x:x. I did say I was new to this. hehe


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Apr 17, 2013
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You need to enable your NIC first with IPv6 from the server and then the cPanel guide applies. You will first have to activate IPv6 on your server and then only you will be able to get reply from IPv6 networks.. If you need to get IPv6 IP addresses from your DC first and then assign one to your server and make your server part of IPv6 network..


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @Ishware,

Do you have any firewall rules enabled that could be blocking the outgoing IPv6 connection attempt? Have you tried with IPv6 addresses other than Google?

Thank you.