Can't See Any Files Or Folders In File Manager


Jul 24, 2011
When I open the file manager opening home directory showing hidden/dot files, I see no files there, it says this directory is empty. And also I can't see the folders below the Home directory on the left side. And when I open my website it shows error 500 Internal Server Error. As you may know, there is an option of going into the web root (public_html/www), when I open this I see .htaccess file which if I delete, it comes back. Again I can't see the folders below the home directory on the left side. I mean there is definitely a directory named public_html but it is not shown in the home directory as it was before. Whatever CMS I install from fantastico, I'll get a 500 error, I have tried making a subdomain and installing some CMS in it but it didn't work as well. PLease help me with this problem.
Here is the error log, I don't understand actually, plz help me with this,
<home directory> .htaccess: Expected </title></title> but saw </head>
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