can't see email accounts


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Aug 9, 2006

When I log into cPanel on port 2083 and go to Email Accounts I can't see the email accounts that exist for that client account. When I try to create one, it says it exists.

I am also not able to receive emails using those email accounts.

Looking at the cpanel error logs I can see the following when attempting to see the existing email accounts under the cPanel web interface:
[2010-09-09 13:48:26 -0700] warn [cpanel] Unable to run [Cpanel::Email::api2_listpopswithdisk(6/16)]; No such file or directory at cpanel line 4224
main::api2_exec('Email', 'listpopswithdisk', HASH(0x103a4db0), HASH(0x175a280), 1) called at cpanel line 752
main::docpanelaction(HASH(0x103a3dc0)) called at cpanel line 5205
main::run_fast_json_mode() called at cpanel line 377

I tried to run /scripts/upcp --force but that did not help
I also ran /scripts/checkperlmodules and that did not help either

Please help