[Case 61270] Account backups excluding home directory - cPanel still goes through all files


Dec 3, 2013
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We run cPanel 11.40 on CloudLinux 6 and use Idera/R1Soft Server Backup Manager to backup all data. As you may know, R1Soft can't restore an individual cPanel account if it was deleted, so we're using the following method from their knowledge-base: Backup and Restore individual cPanel accounts - Knowledge Base - Idera Server Backup Manager: Docs, KB Articles, Technical Papers

The script from the KB article generates cPanel account backups, excluding the account's home directory. The only major problem is that although the home directory is excluded, I saw that cPanel still goes through all files from public_html. This causes the backup process to take the same amount of time as a full backup. It also puts a heavy load on the server when large accounts are backed up.

My question is: Why does cPanel still go through all files if they aren't included in the backup anyway? Can this be prevented?

Thank you in advance!


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

There is an internal case open to address this issue. For reference, the case number is 61270. Our developers have yet to indicate if this is by design, or if a change should be implemented. I will update this thread with more information as it becomes available.

Thank you.