Case Study : Share us your ideas in Cpanel Clustering


Jul 27, 2008

actually I have one dedicated server running Fedora 9 + Cpanel/WHM.

I would like to order a second server at a different company so build a failsafe cluster.

Actually, my budget is limited, so I would like to build such a cluster/failsafe system by software. I've seen DNS clustering is possible with Cpanel (there is a standalone DNS clustering package for free from them so I really wouldn't need to purchase a sencond Cpanel licence)

The main idea is as follows:

If main server "A" fails, is overloaded or one of his services fails (http/mail/ftp/mysql), secondary server "B" begins to work.
If "A" works fine, "B" only mirrors contents so that it can be ready if "A" crashes.

I have no idea where to begin with this. I would like to get suggestions/comments/experiences. in load balancing.. software, process and how this would work etc. So can i pop this subject as a case study?? can we discuss this subject in details please ?