Catch all inbox not catching all email


Oct 3, 2020
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I use Mautic to send email to my list. Mautic appends each email sent with a pre-configured return address in case the email bounces. The pre configured mail box can be anything but in my case it is [email protected]

The appended return address will be different for each email sent but with the format [email protected] in the case of a bounced email.

My problem is the appended emails never arrive in the [email protected] inbox

As a workaround I tried setting the [email protected] to be a catchall address.

On testing, it catches simple email addresses like [email protected] but the more complex [email protected] emails never arrive.

Can anyone shed any light on what the issue could be?

I am running a VPS with WHM v86.0.29 and C Panel.


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Mar 13, 2018
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The appended return address you're using looks to utilize "Plus Addressing", we have some great information on that here:

In short, this means that the email will be delivered to the "[email protected]" address and placed into a folder named "bounce_5f78414a9fe8d105259276", do you see any of the emails there and are you "subscribed" to this folder so that it shows up in your webmail/email client interface? More information on subscribing/unsubscribing from folders can be found here:

Additionally, if you click on "Manage" in the "Email Accounts" interface for the default mail account in the affected user's cPanel, you can disable the following option:
Automatically Create Folders.
Enable this toggle to automatically create folders when this email address receives a message that uses plus addressing. For example, the system would place a message addressed to “[email protected]” in a new folder called “plusaddress”.
which will deliver the emails to the user's inbox instead.