catchall email problem


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Jun 18, 2004
I am sorry if this has been answered before but anyway here goes.

on an account on the server I had catchall set as the user. I ran out of space and had to increase the user space to make the account work properly again.

I have logged into horde and there isn't any emails in there does this feature put it somewhere else (i seem to remember another account just plsced them there)?

Also what is the best way to find the cause of such a large disk usage for a particular user (it isnt caused by normal http files nor database)


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Feb 18, 2006

You are not seeing any messages in horde because the mail box is full. what you have to do is first increase the quota for the account if you are out of space then increase the quota for email account.Delete the mails taking much space. It is better to keep the catch all address to :blackhole:

inorder to check which application takes more space go to the home folder i.e /home/<username> then type du -sh * this gives the list of all the folders with space it consumes from this you can see which is consuming more space.

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