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Oct 17, 2006

Once in awhile I get the Caught SIGTERM in my logs where apache restarts.

Some days ago I removed ALL extra scripts and just have one forum running,
so I know it cannot be a memory issue. I looked at both the domlogs and logs
folders for the time of the restart and neither shows anything unusual.

My host support said:

According to logs there is a good chance that Apache was up and running with no problems at the time when cPanel's chkservd decided to go ahead, kill all running processes (by sending them termination signal - SIGTERM) and start them back. Based on the access log I would say that this restart wasn't needed.
So I replied: So how can I prevent these spontaneous restarts?

Their reply said:
You may want to remove Apache from the list of monitored services by going to WHM >> Service Configuration >> Service Manager. However this may result in web sites inaccessibility in case if Apache will really die.
That does not seem realistic - any tips?


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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
I've seen this happen if you have either SIM or monit installed on the server. They both clash with chkservd and if you have either installed you should remove them or reconfigure them not to restart services.

I would definitely not recommend removing httpd monitoring from chkservd.