CentOS 4.1 and initial install problems with MySQL


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May 14, 2003
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Tried to install cPanel this evening on a Centos 4.1 system. Disabled SELinux and proceeded with the install. It went well for the most part except some errors during the install of MySQL which didn't seem to complete properly. During the initial WHM set-up of the system and entering the MySQL root password it required a forced password change to be able to complete.

As I use MySQL 4.1 with cPanel, I used the Tweak Settings to select 4.1 and then did the mysqlup stuff. LOTS of scriplet errors which left out a lot of the RPMs and it never installed properly even after a mysqlp --force. Upgrading to CURRENT or EDGE builds did not help - in fact it made the problem worse because then when trying to do a mysqlup, it complained there were no mirrors left!

Now re-installing with CentOS 3.5 to see if it's more of an OS issue relating to that script.



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Jun 15, 2002
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I've had problems with MySQL at times and it does usually require a bit of bashing to get it in. Usually ther best thing to do is to remove all the MySQL rpms on the server (rmember to check rpm for mysql and MySQL). Once removed, get rid of /var/lib/mysql. Then run /scripts/mysqlup --force and it usually goes in. Oh, and do check that /etc/my.cnf is clean and that there's a symlink in /tmp for mysql.sock :)