CentOS 4.3 or FC4 for dual Xeon and CPanel ?


Apr 14, 2005
I've read some posts on this forum and I've chosen not to use x86_64 version of the OS but I've still to decide between CentOS 4.3 and FC4 for a Dual Xeon server, RAID5, 4GB RAM ...

In short I need
Cpanel + Fantastico + RVskin

with the following customizations:
Apache + phpsuexec + php4 (cgi) + php5 (cgi)
Spam+Virus Protection for cPanel server using Exim+Exiscan+Clamav+RBL+Spamassassin+SARE+Razor+DCC
some security fixes and no more

Indeed I'm using CentOS for several servers with Ensim but what is the best (for me) for Ensim could not be the same for Cpanel.

Any suggestions will be greatly apreciated.


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Jan 22, 2005
CentOS would be the better option than FC4 due to the longer support lifetime.

Other than that, I'd highly recommend the 32-bit instead of 64-bit version.

I have CentOS 4.3 X86_64 and I've had an absolute nightmare with some of the libraries, particularly with getting a separate PHP5 (CGI) installation running alongside the cPanel-provided PHP4 (CGI). All was working fine until about two weeks ago when some OS updates occured and PHP5 started dropping 20meg core dumps each time any PHP script executed - took a while to clear that up!