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CentOS 4.3

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jaymc, May 4, 2006.

  1. jaymc

    jaymc Well-Known Member

    Jan 5, 2005
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    This is not really cpanel related, although i cant install cpanel until this is sorted...

    SYSTEM = Dual Opteron 240's, 3GB ECC, 15k SCSI

    Problem 1 : I have installed the system on a very fast SCSI disk to speed up MYSQL and SYSTEM process time. I have a 300GB Sata which i will be using for data. However, when i connected the SATA drive up via onboard SATA controller, CENTOS boots but for some reason boots the file system as READ ONLY.

    The SCSI is connected to the board via a PCI CARD. Ive been told the SATA has a higher boot priorty because its onboard, theirfor is confusing CENT OS. the Sata drive does actually have CENTOS 4.1 isntalled on it, but i assume that since the system boots via the SCSI, it will see the SATA drive and its boot partition simply as 'DATA' on a disk, thus causing no fuss.

    Can anyone enlightin me on why this is happening, and things i can run/check to find a solution to this problem

    Problem 2: My motherboard has onboard SCSI. However when trying to install the OS whilst the disk was hooked up via onboard SCSI, the installation would halt with random errors. I was told this was due to a driver issue, and that the driver CENTOS was using wasnt efficient for the disk to function correctly with the SYSTEM.

    So i installed the OS with the disk connected via PCI SCSI CARD, worked first time no problems. Now that i have the OS setup on the disk, i want to swap the cables over so its running from the Onboard SCSI, not the PCI CARD. I've tried but CENTOS wont boot, it gives errors. Again i think this is because it needs the LSI LOGIC drive installed with the system.

    My question is, how do i install this driver into the system so that it will Boot fine via Onboard SCSI. I have no idea, ive only been using linux for 3 months so i'm a bit lost

    Any help would be great, and if someone would like to assist me via SSH then I'd be made up !!


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