CentOS 6, Exim-4.94.2, CVE-2020-28007+


May 24, 2002

Recently new version of exim-4.94.2 was published. It have a lot of security fixes.

I have an old server with CentOS 6.
I know CentOS 6 not supported for now. But I have to use it by some reasons.

I see CPanel updated exim recently
# cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS release 6.10 (Final)
# exim --version
Exim version 4.93 #2 built 03-May-2021 19:32:37

Does this release have all the security fixes?

Local vulnerabilities
- CVE-2020-28007: Link attack in Exim's log directory
- CVE-2020-28008: Assorted attacks in Exim's spool directory
- CVE-2020-28014: Arbitrary PID file creation
- CVE-2020-28011: Heap buffer overflow in queue_run()
- CVE-2020-28010: Heap out-of-bounds write in main()
- CVE-2020-28013: Heap buffer overflow in parse_fix_phrase()
- CVE-2020-28016: Heap out-of-bounds write in parse_fix_phrase()
- CVE-2020-28015: New-line injection into spool header file (local)
- CVE-2020-28012: Missing close-on-exec flag for privileged pipe
- CVE-2020-28009: Integer overflow in get_stdinput()
Remote vulnerabilities
- CVE-2020-28017: Integer overflow in receive_add_recipient()
- CVE-2020-28020: Integer overflow in receive_msg()
- CVE-2020-28023: Out-of-bounds read in smtp_setup_msg()
- CVE-2020-28021: New-line injection into spool header file (remote)
- CVE-2020-28022: Heap out-of-bounds read and write in extract_option()
- CVE-2020-28026: Line truncation and injection in spool_read_header()
- CVE-2020-28019: Failure to reset function pointer after BDAT error
- CVE-2020-28024: Heap buffer underflow in smtp_ungetc()
- CVE-2020-28018: Use-after-free in tls-openssl.c
- CVE-2020-28025: Heap out-of-bounds read in pdkim_finish_bodyhash()
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May 24, 2002
Can someone tell me for sure?
In the CPanel change log I see
Change Log for 86.0.40
05/04/2021 08:00 AM
Fixed case CPANEL-36865: Update exim to 4.93-8.cp1186.

What is the "case CPANEL-36865" ?