CENTOS + cPanel best or good enough FSCK config


Nov 12, 2004

Our servers are remotely managed with SSH ( or WHM ).Our default CentOS+cPanel config was :

- Run FSCK if disk error ( 6th column in /etc/fstab )
- Run FSCK if more than 180 days or 30 reboots

We got stuck when FSCK found disk errors that required somebody to press 'yes'. Had to wait for somebody in the datacenter to do it.

So, our new config is :

- Removed any scheduled FSCK with 'tune2fs -i 0 -c 0 /dev/sdaX'
- Removed FSCK on /etc/fstab putting 0 insted of 1 or 2 in 6th column

Now we can decide where to FSCK.To launch our manual FSCKs, only when no umount is possible, we will try this :

- Created /fsckoptions file with '-y' inside
- Create /fsckforce file

This way, theoretically, a FSCK will be run on next boot, assuming 'yes' on everything ( nobody needed to press 'y' ).
My question is , can I trust this automatic silly yes ? or should I choose the old way, just wait for somebody in the datacenter to check it out and press 'y' after reading the messages ?

Another question : is there some way to log what FSCK is doing ? ( to examine it later )

Another way I found that seems to acomplish the same, was to create this file :


with these contents :


Do you know if there is some difference between the first and the second ? ( I think they are the same, would like to confirm ).
If there is a difference, which one do you recommend , /fsckoptions or /etc/sysconfig/autofsck ?

Thanks a lot


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Aug 18, 2009
Houston, Tx


I do see what you are asking, however it is something that we could not support directly. Having said that since this is dealing with the Operating System, I would recommend speaking with your datacenter for more help. Please let me know if you have other issues.

Thank you,
Matthew Curry