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Feb 2, 2013
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I have some cPanel servers and I want to create a centralized DNS server for these servers. I have configured two cPanel "DNSONLY server" (say ns1 and ns2) which are clustered together (DNS role: Synchronize).

I have clustered all cPanel hosting servers with ns1 in which DNS role is set to "Synchronize" in hosting servers. In ns1 side, the role is set to Standalone.

But the problem is that I can see all the DNS zones of each server in the DNS section of all servers.

Anything did wrong from my side? Please advise.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I recommend using the instructions documented at:

cPanel - Configure Cluster

In particular, this section:

Your severs will function more slowly if there are multiple steps between a web server and a nameserver. To improve the performance of your servers, link your web server directly to the DNS servers, as shown below. This will eliminate the steps each request must take and your DNS requests will resolve quicker.

Note that the current DNS cluster functionality is not designed to be shared between different customers, but is intended for systems where only a single admin (or trusted group of admins) is managing the entire cluster. There is an active feature request for what you are seeking at:

Ownership and access control of zones in DNS Cluster

Feel free to vote and add your input to this feature request.

Thank you.