Centralized resource usage reporting for cPanel servers


Dec 30, 2011
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Hi All,

As the number of shared servers increases, it has become important to see the resource usage trends in each server from a central location. From this location we should be able to monitor critical usage stats like the ones below:

1. CPU usage2. Memory usage
3. IO usage
4. Disk usage
5. Bandwidth usage
6. MySQL usage
7. Mail volume
8. Exploit attempts (SMTP & HTTP)

The critical point of the above stats is that only the top 2-5% of users will contribute to a spike in those stats. If we are able to isolate those users by drilling down on those stats, and offer them a VPS or Dedicated server (or provide add-ons), we can maintain good server performance for the farm.

With 40+ shared servers and rising, it is close to impossible to login to each server and get the stats from various programs, and in some cases login to the back end and collect the data.

So, my question: Which is the best tool for monitoring the above mentioned usage stats?

The tool should have the below capabilities:

1. Central portal where i can see the general trend of all servers.2. General trend of usage in various resources.
3. Capability to drill down to which all users are contributing to high usage if there is a spike in the trend.

I know the requirement is a bit idealistic. But I am looking for the closest match.

I like Munin a lot, as it provides good trend information and can be configured to report from a central location. But it cannot drill down to specific users, and it cannot take in data from the likes of ASL (which can provide exploits information).

I am sure any host who would want to grow their business will need these information with as little effort as possible, and in a scalable way.

Any pointers on this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you.