Cert "cannot be fully deleted, ...is installed in the system ssl directory"

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Apr 23, 2008
I have searched and found a few answers, but honestly, I'm very green when it coems to this. I'm a web designer, and I have a reseller hosting plan so I host my customer's accounts. I'm building an e-commerce site for a customer and purchased a certificate from GoDaddy. Sites I've built before had certs already and it wasn't something I ever worried about.

Before I bought the cert, I was playing in the WHM and created a SSL certificate. After purchasing the cert from GoDaddy, I installed it.

I can't seem to delete the old one. When I try, I get the old "cannot be fully deleted, because it is installed in the system ssl directory" message. When I visit my site, I get the secure/unsecure window. It doesn't seem as if the newer certificate is seen.

In layman's terms, how do I completely remove the self-signed cert? There are no provision in the WHM to delete.

Thank you.