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Dec 19, 2001
The CGIWrap function under CGI Scripts in CP is set up in a rather strange way, at least in my opinion.

The first time a user clicks on this (even if he just wants to see what the function is) the function right then and there turns cgiwrap on and makes a scgi-bin directory under public_html.

There is no explanation of what cgiwraper is or how user can benefit from using it, just the statement that the user may now put any scripts they want to use under their userid in here.

It would be nice if they were presented with an explanation of what the function was for and then given the opportunity to proceed from that point instead of automatically taking the action just by looking at the link.


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Nov 3, 2001
cgiwrap can cause an eventual security issue if used by with a non securely written script...

so I think it would be better left off without explanations to be used by customers that are not likely to mess things up.

A warning sign with a few lines about this and a nice \"are you sure \" prompt would be nice though.

But I think that will have to be placed as a feature request rather than a support question.

Unless I am completely mistaken and you just need some information for yourself...