cgiemail fails after moving customer to different machine


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Jan 25, 2003
New York
A customer was on a Freebsd based Cpanel server and we pkgacct'd his stuff and moved him to a Centos machine this morning.

After the move he claims all CGIEMAIL forms no longer work. Even if he goes to the CGIEMAIL item in the CGI CENTER he gets a 500 internal server error.

It appears on the Freebsd system it uses "cgi-bin" but on the Centos its "cgi-sys". However if he just tries to click the CGIEMAIL function it calls "" when I think it should be calling

I also noticed on some accounts on the Centos machine if I go to the CGI Center and try to run the CGIEMAIL it will try to run
"" but then pull a 404 error.

Is there anything I should be doing after moving an account from a Freebsd server to a Centos server to cleanup
clients configurations ? Is there anything I can do to fix this problem ?

I know he has to manually edit his html to change the cgi-bin to cgi-sys, but anywhere in Cpanel where it will
call "bin" instead of "sys" it will fail.

Thank you for any help.