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Sep 9, 2010
Hi guys,

when sending email messages, peoples sometime wrong typing email address to [email protected] instead to [email protected]

so i need to change + forward those typo email messages to the correct address
please help is there a way to do this?

my domain registrar in namecheap, this tutorial is works for url forwarding to ,
but still not working to change + forward email message [email protected] to [email protected]

there is also Mail settings there like this :
User Simplified (One Mail Server IP Address Required) [Textboxes to enter MXE values]
i already put server ip, looks like the email messages forwarded to the server, but not entered to the [email protected] popmail

any methode is ok, to make it working,
from domain registrar side,
or if need to create new cpanel account for


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Apr 11, 2011

Please ensure the incorrect domain name uses name servers associated with the cPanel server. Then, browse to the following option in cPanel:

"cPanel Home >> Mail >> Forwarders"

As documented here, you can use domain forwarders to forward copies of all of the incoming mail for all of a domain's addresses to another domain.

Thank you.


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Nov 20, 2014
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I was about to suggest, on in cpanel - go to account level filering and create a new rule.

"If TO equals [email protected], then redirect to [email protected]"
Or create forward rules based on the same.
You would have to create a rule for each user though.


Create an account level filter rule along the lines "if to contains or any header contains then redirect to email [email protected]" and fail with "sorry there was an error, please contact us"

Someone would have to monitor the new account, so nothing would be lost, and the sender would eventually get the message.

depending on how much spam the typodomain gets, opting to fail i guess could cause backscatter problems.
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