Oct 7, 2019
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I recently taken vps server in GoDaddy. I want to pull my domain when I enter please give approval for this url.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hello @Venkateshwar,

If you need the change the hostname of your machine, users in the past have had to contact GoDaddy directly to have them make that change. One example of that is in this forum post from 2017:

If you are on a VPS system and use the WHM >> Change Hostname feature, that will not work properly if the server is rebooted, so I would recommend contacting GoDaddy to have them update that for you.

The first warning box in our documentation at shows the requirements you should be aware of when choosing a hostname, so I would recommend reviewing that as well.

After the hostname is setup, and once the DNS is working for it, you would be able to visit to access WHM so you do not have to use the IP address.

If you have any other questions about the hostname configuration please let me know!