Change IP address or nameserver?


Apr 27, 2019
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Hi - I'm setting up various accounts on my WHM installation. I have a nameserver configured. However, in many cases my clients have customized their DNS on the registrar level, for example, using outlook or Gsuite for email, or pointing sub-domains to different IP addresses, etc. In a case like this, my instinct is to just change the A NAME record to the IP address of my server, rather than change the nameserver and copy all the custom DNS settings to the new cPanel account.

My question: is there and substantial difference between using one method over the other? Or is there a standard practice one way or the other?


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Nov 14, 2017
It really depends on where you want control over the DNS to be. If you want DNS to be managed locally then you'd point the NS to the server, if your client wants to manage their own DNS at the registrar level then you'd use an A record. Most people choose to host DNS locally as it makes it easier to manage on the server but ultimately it's really a personal preference on what works best for you.
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