change IP after complete install & setup


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Aug 19, 2005
I'd like to install and setup my server at home and then rack it at the data centre. I've had no luck installing it at the data center and cannot keep going back and forth to try and install.

I've had days worth of problems just trying to install. Before i took it to the data center, i performed the install at home over DSL with a 15 day license many times without incident, each time was perfect. I formatted and re-installed at the data center and it's been 4 days now without any luck. At least at home i can spend time trying to get it working properly and re-installing if necessary.

If anyone can tell me what steps i need to take to change the IP once i rack it, i would appreciate it. I assume it's just changing the IP and the ip address file, but if there is more, please let me know.

each time i try and install, it get's stuck here and goes no further:

This scripts updates the mysql.user, mysql.db, and the
mysql.func tables to MySQL 3.22.14 and above.

This is needed if you want to use the new GRANT functions,
CREATE AGGREGATE FUNCTION or want to use the more secure passwords in 3.23

If you get 'Access denied' errors, you should run this script again
and give the MySQL root user password as an argument!
Converting all privilege tables to MyISAM format

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