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Change IP of Server

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jhigham, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. jhigham

    jhigham Member

    Mar 31, 2008
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    I'm acquiring a larger block of IP addresses, and need to change the IP of my web server and DNS servers.

    My present configuration has the web server and one DNS server using one IP, and a second DNS server using a second IP for a total of two IP addresses being used. All sites on the server are using one shared IP address.

    I was not able to fine any information on the cPanel forum, but did find a how to guide on ( ) that I have included below.

    Does this look complete and accurate? Any other recommendations?


    ****Before proceeding with the IP's change, please contact us so that we can add the new main IP you want to use to a Cpanel License ****

    Everything can be done using Cpanel and it should be a simple job to do, the only issue you may have is related to the new DNS zones propagation, where the sites may be down for a few minutes, and also a problem may be if you are using DNS clustering, after the modifications are done, you will have to sync the Clusters .

    Let's start this:

    1. Login to Cpanel

    2. Go under: IP Functions >> Add a New IP Address

    Add here the IP's , one after another, after every IP and Netmask click on Submit.
    You can also add all the IP's, depending on the IP range you have alocated, just check for this the Note on the page :

    "Notes: When adding multiple ip address you must used Cl*** C CIDR format or format.
    Valid Examples:,,"

    3. Go under: Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel/WHM Setup

    Change the IP for: Main Shared Virtual Host IP , to the new main IP from the IP's you received .

    After doing this, hit a Refresh in Browser so that the new Cpanel license can be added for the New IP, and hit a Refresh again, and you should see the Cpanel again .

    4. Go under: Multi-Account Functions >> Change Multiple Sites' IP Addresses , and start changing the IP's for your accounts that are using the main/shared IP.
    For the other domains that are using Exclusive/Dedicated IP's, the changes can be made from: IP Functions >> Change Site's IP Address .

    Before going to the next step, you will have to login to your Registrar page, and delete the nameservers IP's.

    5. Go under: IP Functions >> Show or Delete Current IP Addresses , and delete the old IP's .

    6. Go under: Networking Setup >> Nameserver IPs and delete the entries for the nameservers .
    After you deleted the entries you have to add them back, so that the namservers can take new IP's, so for each namserver you had, just enter the name again and the server will allocate an IP.

    7. To ensure that the hostname will also have the IP antry changed, go under: DNS Functions >> Add an A Entry for your Hostname , and after checking that the new main IP is showing there, click on "Add the entry" .
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  2. yolau

    yolau Active Member

    Sep 1, 2008
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    The guide is basically right ...

    Edit: Just to add that if you don't want a large downtime you sould lower the TTL in the DNS zones to something like 300 seconds 24 hours BEFORE you do the IP change.

    Hope it helps !
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