Change MySQL User Password in WHM Issue

Bert de Jong

Jan 23, 2018
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
"Change MySQL User Password" does not set the MySQL root password to that entered by the user. This is with v74.0.6. Immediately after using this WHM functionalty, I ran into several issues, such as databases no longer showing up (see attached image). I checked with WHM's phpMyAdmin link, and that also failed (see attached image). I've verified if the correct password had ended up in /root/.my.cnf and it did indeed contain the newly set password. I was also no longer able to login with "# mysql" nor with "# mysql -u root -p" and then manually entering the new password. In the end, I had to use skip-grant-tables and manually set the password - I changed it to the same I initially gave to WHM - to fix the problem. The password wasn't strange in any way, just 12 characters with mixed cased letters (6 lower, 3 upper) and 3 numbers.