Change update option from release to stable fails


Nov 1, 2012
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Root Administrator
I can't stand working with new WHM theme that was forced on me today, so it seemed my only alternative was to move from release to stable. I tried to change my update preferences from RELEASE to STABLE and it FAILED...

Reasons for blocked updates
Please correct these issues and rerun updates.

fatal: Downgrades to a previous major release are not permitted.

How is changing from one tier to another a downgrade?

I'm still switching to the latest release, just a different preference.

Is this a bug, because I can't understand the logic behind this system at all.

Why offer an upgrade preference selection if it does not work?

What file do I need to edit to change the version number so that my upgrade to stable will work.

Note to mod who moved my last post to a 2 week old gui thread, do not move this! I am a paying customer and I want answers pertaining to my specific questions, I do not want my questions pushed into a friggin 2 week old thread that is completely unrelated to my questions :mad: