Changed Domain Name and Site Not Propagating


Jan 17, 2018
Dallas, TX
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A client of mine purchase 3 domains and we initially set up the main domain as [removed] when creating the account in WHM. We completed the initial phase of the site, switched the nameservers on GoDaddy to ours and the site was up and live in less than 15 minutes.

We later were told that same day that they wanted one of the other 3, [removed] to be the main site. So, we updated the refresh, retry and min TTL for the account, updated the account domain in WHM to [removed], reset the DNS zone for that account and updated the DNS records.

That was over 2 days ago and [removed] still has yet to propagate.

Can anyone provide any extra insight as to what might have happened? Seems like if the first one was ready in such a short time, changing to the new one should have been just as fast to propagate.
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