Changing autoresponder messages externally


Jul 23, 2004
I am currently putting together an intranet for a company that I do work for.
As part of this intranet, I would like all the staff to be able to add/change/remove autoresponder messages fot their email accounts.
Rather than login to cpanel (which the staff won't ever have access to), I would like to do this using my own PHP pages that will be an accessible part of the intranet.
The problem I have is, that the .autoresponder folder within cpanel and any autoresponder message files that are created through cpanel, all belong to a user corresponding to the cpanl user account and as such, the webuser has no permission to change these files.
Does anyone know of a way around this ?
Thanks in advance

Edit: I believe that there is a way of connecting to cpanel using "sockets" and then using cpanel urls to do any work I need to do like making autoresponders etc.... can anyone give further information on this ?
Also is there any documentation anywhere on the cpanel API ?

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