Changing home directory for main domain is not taking...

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Mar 17, 2021
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I have an individual license where I have a "main" domain and and under it I have another 5 domains as "Addon" domains.

I need to point the home page of the main domain to one of those other domains (and a simple redirect will not work for what I need, that I already have).

So here are the steps I took so far and they are not taking, the change does not apply, the page keeps going back to what it has always been:

1) I used my root access via SSH
2) I went to cd/var/cpanel/thedomainIwantedtochange
3) Via sudo nano I edited thedomainIwantedtochange to give it the path within the public_html directories I wanted (I changed both documentroot and homedir)
4) I did esc and save and I verified the changes in the file took.
5) I did a /scripts/rebuildhttpconf
6) I verified the changes in the httponf file are there
7) I did an apache service restart, I did it first via SSH/termiinal and I did it also via WHM and I even rebooted the server a couple of times. It restarted with no errors but the changes never worked.

NOTHING makes my home directory change...

It still points to the old place (I know because in there I have an html file with a redirect after a quarter of a second and prior to that I had a redirect in the .htaccess file).

I read somewhere there is a cron job that happens every few hours and I was hoping that was the issue, but it has been a couple of of days and the changes are still not applying.

Of course, I cleaned up the history on my browser on each try and I tried in other computers I tried (not sure if it helped in any way to do a flushdns each time...

What am I doing wrong here?

I have CentOS 8.3 and Cpanel & WHM v94.0.3
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! It looks like you may have missed a step. After you edit the userdata file, you'll want to run this before rebuilding Apache:


We have a guide with the full steps for that work here: