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May 22, 2002
Can I change the hostname, with out affecting the sites on that server?

What I am wanting to do is this: The current hostname is I want to change it to the primary name servers are the same as the host name will changing just the hostname leaving the primary name servers as is affect the current accounts? I know that I have to register the name like a name server first so I will do that.
BTW the new is an IP based account so will this affect anything also?

What I am trying to do is become more hidden so that mail headers etc do not trace back to my host name for resellers.

Anyone had any experience doing this?


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Oct 28, 2001
Yes, you can change the hostname at any time. However, in my experience it is best to change it through the command line.

Also bear in mind that you might want to recompile PHP after doing this, as it may still show the old hostname if you don't.