Changing PHP version issue if PHP-FPM is active


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Jul 26, 2006
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Hello, the "MultiPHP" functionality to change the PHP version of a domain does not work properly if that domain has active FPM.

For example, if we have a domain that is running PHP version 7.0 with FPM active and the user changes to PHP 7.2, this change has no effect.

To apply the change, the admin must access WHM and disable FPM for that domain, then the change is now applied correctly, now we can activate FPM again.

This is quite problematic, because users do not know that they should contact us to change the PHP version of their website as the functionality of changing the PHP version is totally useless to them.

PS- I'm using Litespeed, maybe this is the problem?

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It's a v78.0.3
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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @jmginer

There is some caching involved with litespeed. I'm curious if you're seeing the cached version of the php info page rather than the actual version. Have you tried clearing the cache after a user changes the PHP version?