Changing psw in cPanel breaks FP usr/psw's


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Nov 7, 2003
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(Starting two threads for two completely different topics...)

I think this is a bug. I've searched the forum, and I can't find anyone else addressing this; so surely either I missed a post, or maybe it's even unique to the particular server...

Issue: If you change the site password using cPanel or WHM, the /public_html/_vti_pvt/service.pwd is overwritten; any user/passwords inside are lost, and only the site's main user/pass is written.

(That is, if you've set up a site with username SITE, then added Frontpage extensions, and using that, added users JOHN and SUE, service.pwd retains information about users SITE, JOHN, and SUE. If you update the password as mentioned above, then service.pwd will only contain SITE with its new password).

How to reproduce:
1. Start with a site setup with frontpage extensions and at least one extra FP user.
2. Change the password via cPanel or WHM for the site
3. Notice that you can no longer log into FP via the extra FP user - it's *gone*.

Note: Also, this causes problems with trying to add users using the FP admin panel -- FP complains it doesn't own the password file, and can't update.

1. Update password in cPanel or WHM as desired
2. Uninstall FP Extentions
3. Delete the rogue .htaccess* files in the /public_html directory
4. Reinstall extensions
5. Recreate your FP users

Has anyone else noticed this behaviour?

I don't claim to be a genius, at least not in the *nix world or server side of things - I am a Windows geek (supported Win95/98 for Microsoft (sub-sub-contractor)), and yes I use FP to manage my sites because it's easy, and I don't need a better tool (and I do my graphics in Photoshop, thankyouverymuch -- all this to say, don't write me off because I use FRontpage please...)

Thanks to anyone with any insights... :)