Changing Server IP's - IP Migration Wizard


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Jan 28, 2005
Before I start, I have searched the forum already and read all of the posts relating to this topic, just wondering if anyone has more up to date information....

My colo provider has run out of IP addresses on our range and we need more, So I have got them to set us up a new VLAN with a bigger subnet which they have done... problem is the VLAN is on a completely seperate IP range.

I have 2 servers to move initially (Both running CURRENT), each has 6 IP addresses (1 shared, 5 dedicated for ssls etc) 1 is our primary DNS and the other is secondary.

Obviously we will have downtime caused by DNS records pointing to the old IP's but there isnt much I can do other than lower the TTLs

so my questions are:

  1. How reliable is the IP Migration Wizard in WHM?
  2. Does the IP Migration Wizard change the addresses assigned to the NIC's and hosts etc or do I have to do that manually?
  3. Will the IP migration wizard automatically assign new IP's to the dedicated sites? or is this something I also have to do manually?
  4. Will I need to manually alter every DNS zone after the box is back up on the new IP's or is this done by the wizard?
  5. Are there any other things I should look out for?

Any comments/suggestions are greatly welcomed, as I need to do this with the smallest amount of downtime possible.....

Thanks in advance.