Changing the Domain Name of a Site


Apr 13, 2014
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I am hosting some sites for a Scout District. One of my groups wants to change the domain name of their site from to (just example names)

I have signed into my CPanel WebHost Manager as specified on various posts on this forum but under Account Functions I only have the options -

"Create a new account"
"Force Password Change"
"Manage Account Suspension"
"Modify Suspended Account Page"
"Password Change"
"Skeleton Directory"
"Terminate Account"
"Upgrade / Downgrade Account"
"Web Template Editor"

There is no option to 'Modify Account'.

I have searched everywhere to try to change the domain name but the only way that I can see is to create them a new site with the new domain name and once they have copied all their pages over delete the original.


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May 20, 2003
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As a Reseller, you may not have access to certain features of WHM. If I understand you correctly, you want to rename a Subdomain though. If true, no need for WHM access at all.

In the users cPanel account, go to cPanel > Domains > Subdomains, Modify a Subdomain section, find listed there. Click, Remove. Deleting this from there, will only remove it from being used, but should not delete the directory where the original site was located, in the site/ directory. Under normal circumstance found here: public_html/site/

Next, via cPanel File Manager for example, find that directory inside public_html/ and rename it: site/ to site2/

Next, back in cPanel > Domains > Subdomains, Create a Subdomain section, create the new Subdomain, site2, and click Doc root box, and the directory should be automagically selected for you: public_html/site2, already. Click Create.

You might want to do a Full Website Backup first, just in case you make a mistake somewhere, first.