Changing the main Domain of my server.


Feb 19, 2005
Can anyone please give me a clear how to?
I currenlty have a new server setup with one site on it, and the server is setup with this domain as the main domain. Further this site is an ecommerce site and uses ssl (so I believe it requires its own IP)
I have 2 IPs available to me (can get more it need be)
I have registered a new domain, and want to switch the servers main domain to this new domain (my web development company domain), and want to keep the current site running as is.
Can this be done?
If so can you please provide a clear step by step how to?

I'm hoping that I can just change the main host of the machine and change the machines IP address so that I can leave the current sites IP alone (would be a large pain for me to change this).
Does anything outside the server need changing? nameservers?? ect..
Estimated down time??

thanks a ton!