Changing the skin of a customer after restoring from a backup, is it possible?


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Nov 29, 2006
Houston, TX
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Is there a command to mass set the skin for everyone? Example: I want to set everyone's skin to X2.
The easiest way I know of to do this is as follows:
  1. Login to WHM
  2. Go to the Multi-Account Functions Section
  3. Click the Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts Link
  4. Erase the contents of the search box on the right
  5. Click Select Matching Users (all users will be selected)
  6. At the bottom, next to theme, set it to the theme you want
  7. Click Change

Note, I would recommend that you consider moving clients to X3 as we do intend to discontinue support for X and X2. Also, most of the nifty new functionality of cPanel 11 can only be accessed using the X3 theme (or another theme specifically designed for cPanel 11).