Chasing my tail, want to use the SSL/TLS Wizard


Jan 8, 2021
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Hello -

I recently purchased hosting with the 1 free domain - I would like to enable SSL so that my website visitors (it is literally a home-page for my dog) can avoid the web browser crying out that my site is not secure.

Step 1) Staring off from "SSL/TLS Wizard | cPanel & WHM Documentation" -

A) I am not seeing the 'SSL/TLS Wizard appear in my cPanel account' -
.) " In order for the SSL/TLS Wizard to appear in your cPanel account, your hosting provider must enable the cPanel Store provider in WHM’s Market Provider Manager interface (WHM >> Home >> Market >> Market Provider Manager). "

My hosting provider "" does not seem to have a place to make the above change,
And, I thought that the cPanel control panel might allow whatever change is needed - so that I can see and use the ssl-tls-wizard.

What steps am I missing to be able to access the ssl-tls-wizard?

Thank you in advance for your time.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! If you don't see that option in the interface, the host has disabled it, as that is one of the default pages that is included with cPanel. The only thing I can recommend is to work with your hosting provider or datacenter to have them check that, as you won't have the access to make that page appear as just a cPanel user.
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