Check if start_background_pkgacct finished


Oct 21, 2011
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start_background_pkgacct backup an user account and returns an session ID. I can run this API and the backup finished successfully. The backup file is created and stored where I expect.

But I'm not able to check when pkgacct finished using any API function. I need to check this remotely through API.

Finally, API documentation says:
The target system streams the output of this function with the/usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/live_tail_log.cgi script on the source system.

But I couldn't find any documentation about what parameters to use with live_tail_log.cgi to pass the backup session ID and read the live state.

Any suggestion?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

There are no WHM API 1 functions available that allow you to view the status of the backup generation, or to check the live status of the backup generation, other than what's documented at:

Guide to Standardized Hooks - PkgAcct Functions - Software Development Kit - cPanel Documentation

Feel free to open a feature request for what you are seeking via:

Submit A Feature Request

Note: While investigating this issue, I noticed an incorrect path on the following document:

WHM API 1 Functions - start_background_pkgacct - Software Development Kit - cPanel Documentation

It states:

The /scripts/pkgacct script logs results to the /var/cpanel/pkg_sessions/session_id/ directory, where session_id represents the backup session's ID.
I've opened a case with our documentation team to correct this, as the actual path is "pkgacct_sessions" as opposed to "pkg_sessions".

Thank you.