check quota 2.2 plugin on cpanel squirrelmail


Jul 29, 2009
Hilo guys. Do you try to install check quota 2.2 plugin on cpanel squirrelmail to enable users know their mailboxes quota usage? The configuration file required locate at the /cpanel/root/ folder but i can't find in my cpanel server. Have any idea how to find the path? Below is the instruction for the check quota manual::confused:

3.1) cPanel does not use UNIX or IMAP quotas and has its own way of
implementing quota support. cPanel appears to hold quota
information in a file called "quota" which resides in

Also, the mails for an account in that domain reside in

First, then, the Check Quota plugin needs to know what the cPanel
root directory is. Do this by filling in "cpanel_root" in the
config.php file of the Check Quota plugin. Be careful that you
DO NOT in the "reseller" part; you only need the "cpanel_root"
path. "reseller" will be determined automatically.

3.2) After that, Check Quota will be able to obtain users' quotas,
but it still needs to determine users' current usage levels.
This is done by using the "du" command.

While it may appear that the cPanel http daemon runs as the
"nobody" user, it actually runs as the "reseller" account for
each reseller. So the daemon will already be granted the rights
to read the quota information or use the "du" command to calculate
a user's current usage.

The only thing you will have to do is tell the Check Quota plugin
what the path to the "du" binary is. Execute this command:

$ which du

You should see output similar to:

Now simply edit the config.php file of the Check Quota plugin
and set "quota_type" to 2, and set "du_binary" to "/usr/bin/du".
You will need to adjust the path in this example according to
your system. You can now check cPanel quotas in SquirrelMail.

After you have configured your system according to the type of quota system
you have, you may also (optionally) configure the display options for Check
Quota. You can do change how the quota graph is displayed and when the MOTD
quota warnings are shown by editing the "General Display Options" settings
in config.php. Each setting is amply documented therein.


Aug 11, 2009
Hello, I also try to install plugin check_quota.
But cann't find cpanelroot.
did you fix that problem?
if yes tell me how, please.

Thank you/